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It was a good picture!

Mr. Kagami (D2) was awarded in “The 18th JSAP Photo & Illustration Contest”


Mr. Onodera (M1) won Best Student Presentation Award in 2021 7th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bon […]

Graduation 2021

We have 4 master students and 2 undergraduate students for graduation this year. Congratulation and good luck […]

Master presantation

The presentations of master thesis were finished. 4 students had presentation. Good Job!!

Congratulation Part.2

Photonic Device Workshop 2020 poster award was awarded to Mr. Makihara (M1). Congratulation !!

Congratulation for LQE Award

2019-LQE Encouragement Award has been awarded to M2 Takahashi, today. Congratulation!!

Membrane Lasers with new recipe

Membrane lasers are lasing with high yield now!! due to new process recipe, which was developed by current mem […]

Annual Meeting

We have 4 presentation each (total 8 presentation) in Annual Meeting of JSAP and IEICE. We have progress even […]

We are making progress

Three weeks passed after the students stopped to come to our campus. It is very difficult situation for us sin […]

Graduation 2020!!

    We have graduation ceremony on Mar. 26, although the size of the ceremony was shrinked due to Corona […]

Nishiyama Laboratory
Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Core, Tokyo Institute of Technology

7F, S9-1, 2-12-1 O-okayama, Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-8552, Japan +81-3-5734-2555 ee.e titechnishiyama

Nishiyama lab. Student's room : South Bldg. 9 #701, #706, #707 | Measurement room : South Bldg. 9 #604, #502, #201 |
Clean room : South Bldg. 9 #202, B1F Exposure house | Research Laboratory of Ultra-High Speed Electronics